BCNCPH is an architecture and design studio based in Barcelona, Spain, founded by architects Lars Raunholt Sørensen and Anna Mañosa Tarruella with the idea of creating a creative platform that operates independently from other collaborations.

The name BCNCPH is derived from the two cities the founders have lived, studied and worked in – Barcelona and Copenhagen.
BCNCPH works within the fields of architecture, urban planning and design.





BCNCPH is the sum of different traditions with a variety of cultural and regional influences. We sometimes use the terms “Mediterranean salt meets nordic light”. We initiate the creative process with an always open approach. We embrace the unpredictable, in the sense that we have to operate according to the conditions any situation might have. Every project requires resetting the mind.
Our schemes emerge from programmatic research and spatial investigation all together creating a complex set of ideas. The meaning of the work appears when we see ourselves able to connect all threads and a project starts to have a life of its own.
BCNCPH aims to always have a fresh and innovative approach focusing on contemporary, democratic design and sustainability. For us every project is an experiment and a great adventure with a constant focus on improving the process and optimizing the design.